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Acu-Trol AK Colormetric PPM Sensor

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Acu-Trol AKColor Colormetric PPM Sensor - Model 741000010

Simply Powerful

the AKColor has the ability to measure Free, Total, and Combined chlorine using the most accurate and technologically advanced techniques on the market today.


The AKColor connects seamlessly with Acu-Trol's AK600 and AK110 Commercial Controller.  Inside every Acu-Trol Controller is a simple yet sophisticated software platform called Acu-Trol intelligence.  Acu-Trol Intelligence drives all Acu-Trol water quality monitoring and control systems.

Superior Support

All Acu-Trol commercial pool spa products are supported by a highly trained network of technicians and backed by knowledgeable customer service.

Take the guesswork out of hand measuring Free, Total, and Combined Chlorine.  The AKColor automates the hand test process, using proven DPD reagent technology to determine your chlorine levels.  DPD technology is recognized as one of the most accurate testing methods.  The AKColor ensures that your measurements will always be accurate.  The AKColor DPD method is so reliable that some health departments will allow its' test to be used in place of the standard hand check!

The AKColor taps state of the art technology to measure the Free, Total, and Combined Chlorine content of your pools' water.  Combine the AKColor with an Acu-Trol commercial chemical controller to automate your chemicals, part, or all of your facility.  The power of the AKColor combines seamlessly with the AK600 and the AK100.  Just add an AKColor sensor card to make installation a snap!  Use the AKColor in conjunction with an environmental quality management system to control chloramines in indoor facilities..  An economical and environmentally friendly solution to advanced chlorine measurement and control technology, the AKColor provides accurate and reliable results quickly and efficiently.


  • Uses proven DPD chemical technology to measure chlorine levels automatically
  • Support up to three AKColor units with one AK600 multi-pool controller
  • Selectable sample rate conserves reagents
  • Measurements are not flow dependent
  • Measures Free, Total, and Combined Chlorine (Total CL available only with the AK600)
  • Accurate results with less maintenance
  • Factory trained technicians
  • Unsurpassed One Year Warranty

Controls & Measurements:

  • Measures - Free, Total & Combined Chlorine
  • Display Range - 0-9.99PPM
  • Buffer, DPD, and Total reagent refills are all available from Acu-Trol, Inc.

Physical Specifications:

  • Dimension (HxWxD) - 15.63 x 13.60 x 5.94
  • Weight - 17 lbs
  • Material - Molded ABS


  • Compatible with AK600 and AK110

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