About Pool Builder's Warehouse

Pool Builder's Warehouse is a wholesale supply firm focused on providing equipment and support to contractors of commercial/ institution pools and aquatic projects. Pool Builder's Warehouse management rank among our nation's most experienced and knowledgeable commercial pool experts.

Pool Builder's Warehouse works as a partner through the vital steps of pool design, engineering and equipment specification. Our staff understands the challenges constructing and successful and profitable project. CAD and engineering services are available to ensure each job meets specified requirements and objectives. Tough engineering challenges require specific design expertise… expertise that helps avoid expensive mistakes.

Pool Builder's Warehouse not only understands equipment and its applications, but how equipment and technology can both improve the operation of the project AND reduce construction and installation costs. PBW's "Total Value" specifications combine the best of value and performance, reducing follow up costs and create a happy client.

Based on the highest principals of Christian ethics and integrity, Pool Builder's Warehouse makes a commitment to each customer of honesty and fairness in all that it does. Such commitment has made Pool Builder's Warehouse the "jewel" of commercial and institution aquatic project builders.

Our firm's 3 leadings officers comprise over 85 years of experience in the swimming pool and aquatic industry. Based in Memphis, Tennessee, Pool Builder's Warehouse supplies equipment for projects throughout the United States.